Captioned Phone Displays Ideas for High-Traffic Areas

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Your audiology patients have arrived at your office. Maybe they’re alone, maybe they’re with a family member, friend or caregiver. In the few minutes it takes to check in, sit down and grab a magazine they could also be learning more about a helpful (and no-cost) tool for staying connected with or without hearing aids. Yes, we’re talking about captioned telephones. Good news: adding a demo display area doesn’t have to make your waiting area look like a tradeshow booth.

Here are some simple ways to engage and inform your patients with a captioned phone display.

Create an Experience

An unplugged demo phone on an out-of-the-way corner table? That’s not beneficial for your patients!

Aim for high visibility and full connectivity. Your captioned phone provider can install your demonstration equipment and make sure it’s in demonstration mode, so anyone in your waiting area can watch the screen and understand how the captions work.

Another way to create appeal is to use color cues with plants, faux greenery or other decorative decor elements. If you have room, plants are an especially easy and affordable way to spruce up the area. Plus they’re shown to help reduce stress levels, boost mood and help purify the air.

Looking for even more ideas? First up, your Internet search engine and prepare to get inspired. Here are a few starter spots to get you thinking:

Keep It Educational

Patients visiting your audiology clinic will certainly be thinking about hearing aids and other prescriptive devices. Without guidance, they might never know that captioned phones are available to help them stay connected. If possible, ensure your display phone is in demonstration mode. Additionally, make sure to keep plenty of informational pamphlets and/or brochures on hand for patients to take home.

Because captioned phones equipment and service are available at no cost with certification, you might also want to display the certification forms in this area as well.

Check out your local office supply store or shop online for a wide variety of low-cost, high-visibility display options:

  • Tabletop display holders to display your pamphlets or brochures upright
  • Larger wall-mount brochure holders or literature racks
  • Posters or signs inviting patients to the area and to ask questions to learn more

Differentiate Your Office

As an audiologist, you’re in the business of helping people. By adding a captioned phone display to a high-traffic area in your office, you’re showing patients that your office is here to help holistically. You aren’t only helping when it comes to hearing aid solutions, but also additional ways to improve your patients’ quality of life. Dedication to your patients’ need, whether known to them or not, will help differentiate your office.

Consider asking your captioned telephone provider to train your staff on the benefits of captioned phones, so they can answer questions and provide guidance as needed. The benefits of captioned phones are many, including:

All that for a simple display area? You bet. Dedicating an experiential area for captioned phones can pay big dividends in terms of happy, well-connected patients. It could be the difference between them discovering the many benefits of captioned phones or never knowing to ask.